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This albums is a co-production between 2 labels, Shindy(Slovakia) and Immortal Souls(Republic Czech). It's not really an album because there is only 4 new songs with bonus tracks of their previous recording "... and There Came the Tears With Christ" demo MC. This CD was release in January 1998, total playing time: 50:36 minutes.

Neoblast productions is the official distributor of this title for America's territory. If you like brutal dark death with melodic touches like Sceptic Flesh and Amorphis, this album must be beneath your pillow every nights! - Steven Henry(Neoblast Productions)

Pure dark death with deep and precise musical arrangements
"A Grand Magnificence" - Shindy Prods/Immortal Souls Prods


A Grand Magnificence
- Unpure Romantisism - Part I. The Alchemy of Eternity (RA)
- Unpure Romantism - Part II. Drama
- Try Not to Breathe
- An Elder Spirit's Reincarnation
- ...and There Came the Tears With Christ
- Heresy, Shadowsnight (RA)
- Magic of Eternal Dreaming
- Desire
- Kisses of Suffering
- Of the Nightfall Heaven's Crash (Opening of Hells)
- Feardimension
- Maleficium


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