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Ask your local distributor to get any of above mentioned items or order directly from SHINDY Productions! Our products are distributed by:
Relapse Rec., Repulse/Warhead America/Extremities Prod., Lost Disciple Rec., The End Rec., Deathgasm Rec. in USA; Last Episode Rec., Perverted Taste Rec., Metal Storm Prod., Cudgel agency, Lämbelästigung distro, G.U.C. Rec. in GERMANY; Uxicon Prod. in BELGIUM; Mighty Music in DENMARK; Rock Extremum Rec., Metal Age Prod. in SLOVAKIA; Avantgarde Music/Wounded Love Rec., Eibon Rec., Nocturnal Music, Black Tears Prod., Beyond... Prod. in ITALY, Neoblast Prod., CDN in CANADA; Holy Rec., Deadsun Rec., Shock Wave Rec., Drakkar Prod. in FRANCE; KTOK Rec., Noitavasara distro in FINLAND; Supernal Music, Unknown Territory Rec. in UNITED KINGDOM; Fadeless Rec. in HOLLAND; Iberian Moon Rec., Repulse Rec. in SPAIN; Hibernal Prod. in PORTUGAL; Bestial Rec. in ROMANIA; Golden Lake Prod. in SCOTLAND; Novum Vox Mortis in POLAND; Sierpien Prod. in RUSSIA; Backwoods Prod. in HUNGARY; Sonic Wave Rec. in SINGAPORE; X-Rated Rec., OZ Prod., American Line Prod. in MEXICO; Evil Horde Rec. in BRAZIL; ...and many more...

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